Thursday, February 9, 2012

Titanium Track Bikes

Ok, as it turns out not all of these are actually titanium but there's some stainless steel in the mix there too. Still all real nice looking in that special grey.


Anonymous said...

Jussi, some nice TI trackies there, except the Bishop which is made of stainless steel (Reynolds 953 AFAIK).

The photos of the making process can be found from from their Flickr:


Anonymous said...

..and the Indy Fab is defo a steel frame as well (Columbus XCR)


Jussi said...

Damn, you're absolutely right.

I Guess I wasn't really thinking, but just admiring the titanium-like grey lovelyness of all of them.

Bike Locks said...

Most of the people do not like the stand which come with the bicycle. That is why they stand it with the things which they found.

Anonymous said...

I know the owner of that Bishop 953 it is a really beautiful bike in person