Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nelson Pista

I can dig this.

If you're not familiar with the Nelson track frame, check it out here. Lot of people seem to be happy with theirs and why not? Very reasonably priced, light enough, proper classic track geometry with non-sloping top tube and carbon fork. This might well be one best deals in its own category out there currently, especially considering all the crap Ebay is flooded with nowadays.


W_3K said...

It's really one of the best deals around! Smooth welds, kinesium tubing (similar to scandium) and good geo. I have one for mysself (only put 350km on it yet) and it rides really well, good track geo!
Consider sizing up if you have a long torso, but the guys at cyclebasket will be nice enought to help you choosing the right size.

Anonymous said...

The proprietor of Nelson has retired so if one wants to buy one, hurry up! 60cm size is already out of stock.