Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Don't Ask

Is the guy above related to this dude? He should be.


Anonymous said...

it IS that dude

Hoff said...

aerospokes nom nom nom?

Tim Pulleyn said...

YES! it is totally the same dude! I see him around london every now and then, Always walking with his bike, never cycling!

Anonymous said...

@Tim Pulleyn


Now stop hating. Do you want an Aerospoke Jealous prick.

I know that Guy. He alright. A bit colourful but he alright. But then thats Freddie. He gave me one if his track bike. Genuine nice guy.

Anonymous said...

I'm that Guy.

I was told to check out this blog. Apparentley it keeps posting picture of me, inviting people to leave comments like the one by Tim Pulleyn, "Always walking with his bike, never cycling".

Tim why are you concerned what I do with my bikes. Are you the guru of all thing cycling related.

Look man I got a collection of bikes & skateboards etc and I'm enjoying them I can't help that.

I'm doing me, You do you. Stop watching me. You don't know me. So dont make comments. If I choose to buy 100 Aerospokes that does not concern you. And I'll have you know that I do ride my bikes, most likely better than you.

At Anon... hey girl how are you enjoying the Benedict Radclife Bike Hooked you up with. Watchout that your picture doesn't end up on some blog, with people like Tim Pulleyn saying "damn that Bike is wayy to colourful, its sooooo hypster."