Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Because it SNAPS. It is not safe. Simple as that.

This Miche Pista 1/8" chain was basically brand new, less than a week and 100 kilometres old, not shortened (52x20t gearing) and just went snap! like that this morning when I was going down a hill on my commute. Nothing happened but I guess in theory I could have died.

You can always say maybe it was not installed right, it is not meant for street riding in the first place, this kind of thing happens, might be an isolated incident, the weak quick lock link must have failed, whatever. Not cool. So F**K YOU VERY MUCH FAC MICHELIN S.p.A. and your shitty products.

Also, in addition the same thing has happened recently to three people here in Helsinki alone, and if you Google this a bit, there are more similar reports out there. Plus, Paavo the Messenger has cracked two Miche Advanced Track driveside crank arms within last 18 months. Ok, he obviously haz dem power legs of steel so that might be a whole other story right there.


Todestyp said...

What have we learned? NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER RIDE WITHOUT BRAKES! NEVER! A chain cannot replace a real break! Fact.

Jussi said...

dude, I don't know.

I think I only learned that if you buy the cheapest chain that has the word "Pista" written somewhere on there, you're still only getting the cheapest chain. I did.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and no cranksets are safe!
Tore the spider off of 2 sets of Sugino RD2 Messenger cranks, completely destroying the chain, charinring, and crank.
your drivetrain is not a brake.
ride safe.

Adam said...

me too.

phil g. said...

I've used the Miche chains on 2 of my bikes with no problems. Ridden brakeless daily too.

Jussi said...

Adam, my chain might as well have snapped like that but as I was so pissed off, I didn't bother to look for the broken parts from the street when that happened.

So, in light of all the evidence so far, I'm holding on to my conclusion: Miche Pista chain is NO GOOD.

For sake of your own health and security, do yourselves a favor and just do not buy it.

Anonymous said...

brakes are for idiot babies who do not know how to correctly construct a drivetrain. if you cannot engineer something as simple as a chain drive without it breaking, you should not be operating a bicycle in the first place.

brakeless supremacy.


Anonymous said...

running my miche chain for 2 years, no problems. ride daily.