Thursday, August 6, 2009

'Look son, this ....'

And the credits for this go to mr. uao. Thanks.


Czach said...

Apparently it goes way back as well.
I never thought they were doing it for that long.

asb said...

This is supposed to be a social commentary about fashionable activities. The original pic (which did not contain the bike) dealt with kids everywhere starting skateboarding because it was fashionable. Now fixie bikes seem to be replacing skateboards among the 15+ teenage crowd.

It is all good until you start seeing 24" fixed gear kiddie bikes.

Jussi said...

I actually took that more of comment on cycling in general than just on fixed gear bikes, but I admit I didn't know about the history of the pic.

vepu said...

kaverin dekistä muutama vuosi takaperin..